It’s my birthday!

2 Aug

“Happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday to meeeee, happy birthday dear meeeeheee, happy birthday dear meee.”

I actually hate my own birthday and it’s going to be very low key this year. I’ll be boating today, picking up my present (new laptop!) and I’ll go out to dinner with pops, mom and D. I’m going to give a birthday bash/housewarming party in september when I live in my own appartment.

Anyways, I wasn’t feeling so good lately. I was extremely nauseaus again. What’s up with my body? So foods have been quit boring and the same.


This bowl times 4.


Hidden pasta bolognese.

This is just 80% of my eats today.

Off to celebrate!



I eat my mom’s leftovers

31 Jul

Hey folks!

I know it’s been a long time ago since I wrote my last post. I have been very busy, so here is a quick glance of my meals from the last couple of days. Side not; there are a few unpictured pics from restaurant meals and snacks missing.


Lunches/dinners (I couldn’t remember which ones were lunch or dinner)



Obviously this isn’t all the food I ate over the last few days. Something I noticed, which I never did before, was that I was finishing my moms leftovers. She isn’t such a big eater as I am, which makes sense, since she’s more than twice my age. But this is something I never used to do, but lately I can’t help myself! Sometimes I’m already really full and I still manage to eat my mom’s leftovers, which causes me to veel overstuffed. Blegh. I’m very bad at throwing things away, but I’d rather use the trash can in the future instead of using myself as the trashcan;)

Happy Sunday!




Three types of goats cheese a day, keeps the doctor away

28 Jul


Let’s back up to Tuesday.

The morning started out the same as always.

I don’t even recall doing anything on Tuesday, except for going to my back to back aerobic classes in the evening. Oh well, let’s just get to the food. Shall we?

2x dates with PB.

And some unpictured fruit.

Yesterday I picked up my dad from the airport and it was such an emotinal moment. We both cried like babies, but I guess that’s legit when you haven’t seen each other for a year and a half. Before going to the airport, I fueled up with a large bowl of goodness.

I also had a Jazz apple and a soy cappuccino mid morning, while chatting with dad and stephmom. (I find it weird to call her stephmom, so let’s call her D)

I was running around like a maniac, showing my dad around Amsterdam and I finally sat down for lunch after I almost passed out at the supermarket from hunger. Okay, overreacting.

I finally felt like eating a salad for lunch again and I made a big monster containing spinach, broc, eggplant, bell peppers, carrots, baked tofu, goats cheese and hummus dressing + pepitas. A large soy capuccino followed after. Full I was!

I prepped snacks and dinner for that evening, because my dad and D came over for dinner. I had some unpictured crackers with delicious goats cheese (the round thing…. Amazing!), some nuts and a glass of prossecco.

For dinner I made an appetizer of spinach salad with strawberries, goats cheese (again!), avocado, almonds, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Our main meal wasn’t anything special. Veggies, grilled chicken en oven baked potatoes. Forgot to take a picture!

I didn’t plan dessert, so I just had some cookies with a cup of tea and and apple before bedtime. Great day!

I have to go! See you tomorrow!

The workout that wasn’t

25 Jul

Today I had another oh-my-god-I’m-tired kinda morning. I was also very nausious. This comes and goes and I hope this isn’t another nauseating week. 😦 Nevertheless I dragged my butt to the gym and I was exciting about having a good work-out. Well, the moment I stepped on the elliptical and ten minutes had passed by, I got extremely bored. Nothing good was on tv and I didn’t have the patience to do another 20 minutes on this machine. I actually felt like running, so I did 15 minutes of running, 5 minutes of incline walking and some weights. I didn’t feel like pushing myself today. 😉

Besides, I had to do a lot of cleaning in the house. My dad arrives on Wednesday, (he lives in the US) and the house needs to be spic and span! He’s a terrible neat freak (sorry pops, but you are. And you know it) so I cleaned and cleaned untill there was no tomorrow. Luckily I’m done now:) That’s a workout on itself.

Anyway, my breakfast was a huge shocker. Get ready for this……

Tadaaa! You weren’t thinking I ate something else for breakfast, did you? Nothing comes between me and my beloved breakfast. I added some new made granola and had two kiwi gold for a change.

After the great, uhum, workout I had an apple and a soy cappuccino hoping the nausia would dissapear. And it did!

My lunch consisted of two slices of sourdough pumpkin seed bread with cottage cheese, herbs and crunchy veggies on the side.

In the afternoon I had two super sweet small pears and a large handfull of roasted nuts and jumbo raisins.

My dinner was the highlight of the day. Mmmm sauce made an appearance again. I’m afraid you will have to look at it at least for a couple of days. Or weeks. Or months. 😉

This was a concontion of spinach, various veggies, oven baked brocolli (my fave!), oven baked tofu, millet, pickles, goats cheese, pepitas and the famous Mmmm sauce. I also drizzled some balsamic reduction on top. Great combination!

I’m thinking of some dark chocolate for dessert. 🙂

Lazy Lucy

24 Jul

Happy Sunday!

I had a nice and relaxing weekend and I loved it. Saturday began with a delicious breakfast. Same old, same old. I only crave this breakfast, so I don’t think I’ll change it anything soon.

I dragged myself to the gym for an hour of aerobics and 20 minutes on the stepmachine. I actually felt like crap before my workout and I felt so much better after it! Yay for exersice:) After the tedious task of washing and blow drying my hair I fixed myself some lunch.

Two slices of sourdough bread with cottage cheese, artichoke spread and veggies on the side. I also had a large apple and banana throughout the afternoon.

At some point I nestled my tired booty on the couch with a cuppa tea and a magazine. I actually dosed of for a few minutes, but I never really fell asleep. Bummer. I also downed my third (!) soy cappuccino for some energy. I know, It’s probably not the best energy source, but my body screamed for it. Coffééééé…..

I had a early movie date with a friend and we went to Bad Teacher. It was indeed very bad. My friend actually liked it, but I thought it wasn’t worth buying a ticket for. 😦 Oh well, at least I got to enjoy a major bucket of salty popcorn. All by myself. 🙂 I can’t slow down when eating popcorn. I literally stuff my face until the edges of my mouth turn thingly and rough from the salt. It’s just so good!

I wasn’t hungry at all from eating all that poporn, so I just made a spinach salad with some raw veggies and grilled chicken. I had some apricots as “dessert”.

After a good night sleep I woke up to the sound of rain, again. This was actually no surprise, because I kind of looked forward to a rainy Sunday. 🙂 I finally got the chance to make another batch of the most amazing granola and I was dying to make Mmmm sauce! I used roasted almonds instead of raw almonds and I didn’t have garbanzo beans on hand, so I used white beans instead. Just as amazing! Wow!!! This sauce is Off The Hook! My mom and I are totally addicted already. It made an appearance at dinner and I had some licks out of the jar. 😉 But first breakfast;

Simple lunch; hummus sandwich and veggies. Bad lighting. With the best bread ever…..

Two bowls of delicious watermelon

And the best dinner ever; carrot-coconut soup with olives, coriander and toasted pepitas as an appetizer.

And for my main meal I had veggies- roasted bell peppers, artichoke hearts, green beans, eggplant, sweet potato- with millet, oven baked (soy sauce/honey) tofu, white beans, Mmmm sauce, fresh coriander, raisins and pepitas.

I was moaning out load. Just so you know. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

I’m thinking of some greek yoghurt with my freshly baked granola on top for dessert. 🙂

I’m going to relax some more. Muahaha.

See ya!



Tired leggs from all that walking

22 Jul

Phew! Today was another very unexpected active day. I’m deadbeat tired right now. I slept very good last night and I finally got out of bed with a spring in my step. After a delicious breakfast of yoghurt, mango and cereals, I went to the gym.

This mango was so great!!! I’m addicted to fruit and mango is my favourite kind of fruit EVER. I had like 1/2 a large mango in there. 🙂 My workout consisted of 40 minute of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. I never use free weights in the gym, except for in my group classes. I always use the weights machines, because I’m to shy to lift weights in the “guy department” and I feel awkward when they stare. I’m such a dork.

I refueled with a hummus sandwich, crunchy veggies on the side. I always go through these fases of wanting to eat salads every day for lunch and to not craving them at all! At the moment I only crave sandwiches for lunch. Fine by me! Don’t worry, that “paper” on the bread is edible! I had a large soy café latte on the side.

After lunch I walked to the Zara, some department stores and other shops with my mom. We had to return some things and I had to buy a diary. I also found two gorgeous sequined leggings from Zara for 10 euro each! Booya!

My mom and I were dying for a frozen yoghurt! We’re so happy that Holland finally has some frozen yoghurt:) They don’t carry non-fat or even low-fat (I think) frozen yoghurt, but that’s fine by me. I would eat it every single day if I’d lived in the US. Muhaha.

Left was mine; mango (told you!), cranberries and walnuts. Lovely!

When we got back at the house I had to walk my babysitter’s family dog. My mother and I went to the park with our dogs as well. So that’s 4 dogs in totall! An hour of walking later, I brought the dog back to its house and now I’m pooped! I feel my legs. Oh yeah, I had dinner as well. Just throw everything in a bowl and call in dinner.

Well, at least I grilled the chicken, chopped the avocado, sweet potato and olives and made a hummus/nooch/mustard dressing. Topped it of with cilantro and corn crunchies and I demolished this monster!

I have to pick up the dog in a few minutes to walk with her again. I’m getting paid for it, so I’d better give her a good walk and some attention. She’s a young dog, but a little out of control. She jumps all over you….. haha.

I need food again! I guess lots of walking does that to you. 😉

Happy weekend!

Best bread ever

21 Jul

Hi there!

I had such stomach cramps last night! My goodness…. I couldn’t stand up straight or lay down. I think this gorgeous plate of fruit had something to do with it. 😦 Remember I said I wouldn’t have an evening snack. Well yeah, I always need something sweet after dinner.

I also had a handfull of roasted almonds and my stomach pains magically dissapeared. I’m telling you, almonds work like a charm with stomach issues! It always does.

This morning I woke up tired as hell and I quickly ate my large bowl of goodness. Yoghurt, check. Fruit, check. Granola, check.

I can’t get enough of peaches and nectarines! I have a fridge full of them:)

I’m making sure to get as much out of my morning step classes as possible, because soon I won’t be able to do my morning group classes anymore. I will be at school soon!

I finally woke up after half an hour of jumping on and of the step and I suddenly got a serious dose of energy! I was totally feeling it and I decided to stay for another bodyshape class. I don’t have a life after all. My body was really rested from taking a break from working out yesterday.

Two hours of sweating serious stirs up an appetite. You would think that, right? Not At All. Working out really puts a dent in my appetite and sometimes I don’t feel like eating at all. But of course I knew my body needed food and after a quick shower, I made a sandwich with the most delicious bread ever. You guys, this bread is out of this world. It’s dense sourdough bread, filled with seeds, especcialy sunflower seeds. I mixed half a can of tuna with hummus, nooch, mustard and topped it of with sprouts. Along with some crunchy veggies. Followed with a large soy cappuccino.

Sooo good. 🙂

My hair appointment followed and I have a clean, styled head of hair right now!

My dinner was quick, easy and delicious. My appetizer was a small bowl of carrot-coconut soup with half a slice of that delicious bread and my main meal was a large chicken mango salad with avocado, veggies, sunflower oil and balsamic vinegar.

And now I’m sufficiently stuffed. Good stuffed though, not the oh-my-god-I-can’t-move-anymore kinda stuffed;)

Off the make a snack. With chocolate. Or fruit. Or yoghurt. Oh heck, I’ll have it all.

Have a good day!