Belly musings

10 Aug

Hi guys!

How’s your day going? I felt insanely crappy yesterday:( I had extreme stomach pains and I felt exhausted. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but lately I haven’t been feeling so well physically. I have pain everywhere and just feel blah overall. Nice way to start this post, right!? My eats were really heavy on the carbs and nut butter and I was hungry all day! Despite the stomach ache I ate a lot. Whenever I feel like crap, I turn to food. Bad, I know, but I’m only human and food makes me feel good. šŸ™‚

I woke up like a hungry beast andĀ had my usual breakie.

I had to go to my geanacologist in the morning (yay) and after the appointment I was hungry again. This was a measly two hours after my breakfast! So I ate an unpicturedĀ apple and a kashi bar.

When I came home I almost felt faint from hunger. I made a salad beast with veggies, 1/2 crumbled falaffel burger, lentils, pepitas and a hummus/nooch dressing. I have been adding leftover tomato sauce to the dressing and it’s really yummie!

I had some cherries asĀ “dessert”.

That’s when the tirednessĀ and overall crappy feeling started to set in and I ate bread and dried fruitĀ untill I was stuffed to the brim and my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore. šŸ˜¦ I even went to a bodyshape afterwards, butĀ all that jumping around made it even worse. I went homeĀ and sipped on some ginger tea untill the pain was (almost) gone. Please note that I didn’t get the stomach ache from all that food. IĀ ate all that food because I had a stomach ache. Weird, I know.

Sourdough bread with almond butter and cucumber x2

Bread with ab and pb with date syrup

Figs with nut butters x2

I also had a handfull of unpictured raw almonds.

IĀ got hungry by 9 and made another salad beast. Same as lunch:)

Today was much simpler.



Sourdough bread with cottage cheese, sundried tomato pesto, nooch and veggies. Apple on the side.


Veggies on a bed of spinach with quinoa, lentils,Ā nooch sauce and grilled chicken.

Hungry for my evening snack!



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