The time of my life

7 Aug

The Gay Pride was amazing! I had so much fun! I got up around 8 o clock and started my day with a filling breakfast.

I had an apple and a banana as a midmorning snack, to tied me over till lunch and I hoped it would make my nauseasness dissapear. Unfortunately it didn’t completely:(

Me and my friend wore some crazy outfits (I’m on the right) and we were the only ones dressed to the extreme! LOL. Most of the women wore leggings, t-shirts, white jeans and sneakers. At least we made an entrance! The dress code was puple/white and thank god everyone came in those colours.

I made sure to bring a lot of filling foods with me. I had two slices of dense raisin/nut sourdough bread, 2 bars, an apple and a baggie with walnuts/apricots. I had a little too much to drink, though. 😉 I stopped counting at drink number 5, but let’s just say I got off the boat with a throbbing head.

The only annoying part of it all was that we had to wait 3(!) hours, in heels, dancing, untill we started boating! I don’t have a lot of patience, so I was really put to test. When we finally arrived at the Prinsengracht, the beginning of the parade, the crouds broke lose! There were thousands and thousands of people cheering us on and although I’m not gay, it was so amazing! I would do it over in a heartbeat!

Can you spot me? I’m behind my friend wearing sunglasses and a feather boat.

When the parade was finished my family picked me up with our own little boat and we went back home. I was exhausted and my feet were burning like cra-zy! Wearing heels was the stuppidest thing ever!

I had an apple before we went home, I threw a tuna-chickpea salad together, ate it and went to bed at 9. I know, I know…. But I was exhausted.

Such a fun day! I hope you had a wonderful Saturday ass well….

My plans for today are going to the dog park, the Sunday market and I have a date with a friend this afternoon. We’re meeting up at a place with the best apple pie in town. Oh, and relaxing is on the agenda as well;)

Happy Sunday!


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