Three types of goats cheese a day, keeps the doctor away

28 Jul


Let’s back up to Tuesday.

The morning started out the same as always.

I don’t even recall doing anything on Tuesday, except for going to my back to back aerobic classes in the evening. Oh well, let’s just get to the food. Shall we?

2x dates with PB.

And some unpictured fruit.

Yesterday I picked up my dad from the airport and it was such an emotinal moment. We both cried like babies, but I guess that’s legit when you haven’t seen each other for a year and a half. Before going to the airport, I fueled up with a large bowl of goodness.

I also had a Jazz apple and a soy cappuccino mid morning, while chatting with dad and stephmom. (I find it weird to call her stephmom, so let’s call her D)

I was running around like a maniac, showing my dad around Amsterdam and I finally sat down for lunch after I almost passed out at the supermarket from hunger. Okay, overreacting.

I finally felt like eating a salad for lunch again and I made a big monster containing spinach, broc, eggplant, bell peppers, carrots, baked tofu, goats cheese and hummus dressing + pepitas. A large soy capuccino followed after. Full I was!

I prepped snacks and dinner for that evening, because my dad and D came over for dinner. I had some unpictured crackers with delicious goats cheese (the round thing…. Amazing!), some nuts and a glass of prossecco.

For dinner I made an appetizer of spinach salad with strawberries, goats cheese (again!), avocado, almonds, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Our main meal wasn’t anything special. Veggies, grilled chicken en oven baked potatoes. Forgot to take a picture!

I didn’t plan dessert, so I just had some cookies with a cup of tea and and apple before bedtime. Great day!

I have to go! See you tomorrow!


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