The workout that wasn’t

25 Jul

Today I had another oh-my-god-I’m-tired kinda morning. I was also very nausious. This comes and goes and I hope this isn’t another nauseating week. 😦 Nevertheless I dragged my butt to the gym and I was exciting about having a good work-out. Well, the moment I stepped on the elliptical and ten minutes had passed by, I got extremely bored. Nothing good was on tv and I didn’t have the patience to do another 20 minutes on this machine. I actually felt like running, so I did 15 minutes of running, 5 minutes of incline walking and some weights. I didn’t feel like pushing myself today. 😉

Besides, I had to do a lot of cleaning in the house. My dad arrives on Wednesday, (he lives in the US) and the house needs to be spic and span! He’s a terrible neat freak (sorry pops, but you are. And you know it) so I cleaned and cleaned untill there was no tomorrow. Luckily I’m done now:) That’s a workout on itself.

Anyway, my breakfast was a huge shocker. Get ready for this……

Tadaaa! You weren’t thinking I ate something else for breakfast, did you? Nothing comes between me and my beloved breakfast. I added some new made granola and had two kiwi gold for a change.

After the great, uhum, workout I had an apple and a soy cappuccino hoping the nausia would dissapear. And it did!

My lunch consisted of two slices of sourdough pumpkin seed bread with cottage cheese, herbs and crunchy veggies on the side.

In the afternoon I had two super sweet small pears and a large handfull of roasted nuts and jumbo raisins.

My dinner was the highlight of the day. Mmmm sauce made an appearance again. I’m afraid you will have to look at it at least for a couple of days. Or weeks. Or months. 😉

This was a concontion of spinach, various veggies, oven baked brocolli (my fave!), oven baked tofu, millet, pickles, goats cheese, pepitas and the famous Mmmm sauce. I also drizzled some balsamic reduction on top. Great combination!

I’m thinking of some dark chocolate for dessert. 🙂


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