Tired leggs from all that walking

22 Jul

Phew! Today was another very unexpected active day. I’m deadbeat tired right now. I slept very good last night and I finally got out of bed with a spring in my step. After a delicious breakfast of yoghurt, mango and cereals, I went to the gym.

This mango was so great!!! I’m addicted to fruit and mango is my favourite kind of fruit EVER. I had like 1/2 a large mango in there. 🙂 My workout consisted of 40 minute of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. I never use free weights in the gym, except for in my group classes. I always use the weights machines, because I’m to shy to lift weights in the “guy department” and I feel awkward when they stare. I’m such a dork.

I refueled with a hummus sandwich, crunchy veggies on the side. I always go through these fases of wanting to eat salads every day for lunch and to not craving them at all! At the moment I only crave sandwiches for lunch. Fine by me! Don’t worry, that “paper” on the bread is edible! I had a large soy café latte on the side.

After lunch I walked to the Zara, some department stores and other shops with my mom. We had to return some things and I had to buy a diary. I also found two gorgeous sequined leggings from Zara for 10 euro each! Booya!

My mom and I were dying for a frozen yoghurt! We’re so happy that Holland finally has some frozen yoghurt:) They don’t carry non-fat or even low-fat (I think) frozen yoghurt, but that’s fine by me. I would eat it every single day if I’d lived in the US. Muhaha.

Left was mine; mango (told you!), cranberries and walnuts. Lovely!

When we got back at the house I had to walk my babysitter’s family dog. My mother and I went to the park with our dogs as well. So that’s 4 dogs in totall! An hour of walking later, I brought the dog back to its house and now I’m pooped! I feel my legs. Oh yeah, I had dinner as well. Just throw everything in a bowl and call in dinner.

Well, at least I grilled the chicken, chopped the avocado, sweet potato and olives and made a hummus/nooch/mustard dressing. Topped it of with cilantro and corn crunchies and I demolished this monster!

I have to pick up the dog in a few minutes to walk with her again. I’m getting paid for it, so I’d better give her a good walk and some attention. She’s a young dog, but a little out of control. She jumps all over you….. haha.

I need food again! I guess lots of walking does that to you. 😉

Happy weekend!


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