Best bread ever

21 Jul

Hi there!

I had such stomach cramps last night! My goodness…. I couldn’t stand up straight or lay down. I think this gorgeous plate of fruit had something to do with it. 😦 Remember I said I wouldn’t have an evening snack. Well yeah, I always need something sweet after dinner.

I also had a handfull of roasted almonds and my stomach pains magically dissapeared. I’m telling you, almonds work like a charm with stomach issues! It always does.

This morning I woke up tired as hell and I quickly ate my large bowl of goodness. Yoghurt, check. Fruit, check. Granola, check.

I can’t get enough of peaches and nectarines! I have a fridge full of them:)

I’m making sure to get as much out of my morning step classes as possible, because soon I won’t be able to do my morning group classes anymore. I will be at school soon!

I finally woke up after half an hour of jumping on and of the step and I suddenly got a serious dose of energy! I was totally feeling it and I decided to stay for another bodyshape class. I don’t have a life after all. My body was really rested from taking a break from working out yesterday.

Two hours of sweating serious stirs up an appetite. You would think that, right? Not At All. Working out really puts a dent in my appetite and sometimes I don’t feel like eating at all. But of course I knew my body needed food and after a quick shower, I made a sandwich with the most delicious bread ever. You guys, this bread is out of this world. It’s dense sourdough bread, filled with seeds, especcialy sunflower seeds. I mixed half a can of tuna with hummus, nooch, mustard and topped it of with sprouts. Along with some crunchy veggies. Followed with a large soy cappuccino.

Sooo good. 🙂

My hair appointment followed and I have a clean, styled head of hair right now!

My dinner was quick, easy and delicious. My appetizer was a small bowl of carrot-coconut soup with half a slice of that delicious bread and my main meal was a large chicken mango salad with avocado, veggies, sunflower oil and balsamic vinegar.

And now I’m sufficiently stuffed. Good stuffed though, not the oh-my-god-I-can’t-move-anymore kinda stuffed;)

Off the make a snack. With chocolate. Or fruit. Or yoghurt. Oh heck, I’ll have it all.

Have a good day!


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