Stuffed to the brim

20 Jul

I’m afraid I have to take it easy with doing to much this week. I was exhausted yesterday and this resulted in carb loading times 1000. Whenever I’m tired, I only crave carbs. I don’t feel like eating healthy, but I’d rather eat a whole pint of ice cream in one sitting. Now, I didn’t do that yesterday, but I did eat, wait for it……. 8 slices of bread with several toppings. The most common were PB&J sandwiches. I couldn’t stop eating! The weird thing is that I didn’t feel full at all. Just satisfied to the extreme, but never really full. Maybe my body needed it after all…. who knows? I must admit I had lingering thoughts of guilt and disgustion. I miss my energetic self so much! I still feel the aftermath of mono and I hate it. I have good weeks and I have bad weeks and I guess I just really have to obey my body.

After my 2oth (okay, overreacting) slice of bread, I decided to break this cycle and I went to the gym. (that last piece of bread had artichoke spread on it. Amazing!) I did half an hour of elliptical and an hour of bodyshape class. My head was very tired, but luckily by body felt energetic! Probably due to the carb loading. Hehe.

I wasn’t hungry for dinner at all, obviously, but I had to eat something. At 9 pm. I ate a large salad with veggies, chickpeas and tuna. What else?! I also downed multiple glasses of water. I was so extremely thirsty! A small bowl of cherries followed and to bed it was.

Today I declared as an unplanned rest day! I still woke up very tired and I didn’t feel like going to the gym. Instead I went to the market, some stores, biked to get a present for a friend and still had quite an active day. Love that! My body wasn’t tired at all, but my head was still asleep. So weird.

I had the usual for breakfast. Peaches are so good right now!

In between I grabbed an apple and had a delicious large soy cappuccino. Why do I forget to photograph those things?

I wasn’t feeling anything at lunch and decided to use up some fresh produce. Same as yesterday:)

I needed to cool down by the end of the day and I made a delicious simple smoothie made out of honeydew melon, water and chocolate protein powder topped with chia seeds.

Super refreshing!

My dinner wasn’t cold for a change. I made a coconut curry with cod and jumbo shrimp, white basmati rice (a lot underneath!), veggies, roasted cashews and raisins. I wish I had cilantro. That would make it over the top delicious! I ended up eating my mom’s leftovers as well! I’m stuffed now! I know brown rice is much “healthier”, but come on people. Nothing beats white pandan rice in Asian dishes.

I don’t know if I have room for an evening snack, but you never know….

What was the best thing you ate today?

See ya later alligator…..


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