Living my life

18 Jul

Sorry I went MIA on you guys, but I was living life for the past few days and I didn’t feel like blogging at all. The weather has been pretty miserable here and I don’t feel like going outside. I have to do so many errands, all school related, but the idea of biking in the rain doesn’t sound that appealing. šŸ˜¦

I went to Bridesmaids with a friend on (a rainy) Saturday evening and I can’t remember the last timeĀ I had to laugh out loud in a movie theater. It was hilarious!!! My friend and I grabbed a bite to eat atĀ this small fast food Turkish diner and the only options were fries, Turkish pizza, kabobs and other greasy stuff. It was raining, it was the only option were we could sit and we had to eat something before the movie began. So we both chose the falaffel sandwiches. It wasn’t like Maoz unfortunately, but it wasn’t horrible as well. We got a very large portion of thick Turkish bread, stuffed with 4 falaffel balls, some lettuce, carrotsĀ and tomato. They were really skimping on the veggies! Jeezzzz…. I had to ask for more tomatoes, because I accidentaly doused my bread with hot sauce. Whoops. I thought it was ketchup. LOL. The guy gave me like two extra slices of tomatoes…. My god. So I almost squeezed the whole bottle of garlic sauce on top of my sandwich in order to make it less dry. Best dinner ever. Hmmm. Unfortunately no pic!

It looked exactly like this.

Here are some of my daily eats, minus lots and lots of unpictured apples and handfulls of mixed nuts.

And so on….

It’s mostly yoghurt, fruit, whole grains, vegetables, salads, lean proteins and nuts. I notice I eat the same foods over and over again. You would think I’d get bored with it, but that’s actually not the case at all. I actually crave all the above foods.Ā  Although there’s nothing wrong with eating the same foods everyday, I do think itĀ is healthy for your mind to branche out from time to time. That’s why I love eating out. I usually try to order something I wouldn’t make at home. Do you order something you don’t make at home when going out for dinner?

It seriously doesn’t stop raining!!! I see you later!


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