Back to normal

13 Jul

I’m back:) Get ready for a long post!

I needed a little blog-cation since the Saturday misstap. I also woke up extremely tired on Sunday and I freaked out a little, since I just recovered from mono. I was so afraid I got it back!!! It actually has just been a few weeks since I feel like my normal self again. Anyone who has experienced it, would agree it’s a terrible, horrible virus. I felt completely depressed and drained of energy. Shopping for groceries or a coffee date with a friend was just enough to put me to sleep. I developed a very good relationship with the couch, my bed and carbs. How it is that tiredness makes your body crave carbs? The hardest thing of it all, was the combination of being too exhausted to work-out, eating more and not partaking on any social life. I became a couch potato, who ate potato chips and felt as big as a potato. I still tried to work out sometimes, but I wasn’t enjoying it at all. It only causes your body to take longer to heal, because you burn more energy than you have. Thank god for home homeopathic doctors and great homeopathic medicine! My general practitioner told me to rest and that’s all he could do for me. No magic pill, no treatment, nada. Therefore I turned to a homeopathic doctor who was very understanding and said she would help me get rid of the virus as soon as possible. She gave me some pills, drops and tablets and after two months, I finally felt better! I’m still not at the energy level of someone my age (“normal” functioning peope have an energy level of 6 and I just barely have level 3), but I’m getting there. I have to obey my body and give it the rest it needs, otherwise I really have some serious relapse like Sunday. Man, I was exhausted! I actually was already that tired on Saturday, which probably caused the binge.

Enough rambling, let’s get to the food. I honoustly had a very hard time Sunday morning, because of the night before. So I just started slowly with some greek yoghurt, berries and flax seeds. Plus a soy cappuccino.

The weird thing is; I was actually really hungry for breakfast! I won’t go into detail what I ate the night before, but I would’ve thought I felt stuffed. Funny how the body works.

I wasn’t feeling a salad, (shocking, I know) so I had the last slice of my super thick sourdough buckwheat bread with cottage cheese and raw veggies. You can’t see it in the picture, but this slice of bread is super dense and large. It definitely counts as two slices. Fun fact; non-fat cottage cheese doesn’t exsist in Holland, so this is like 3,25%. I tasted the non-fat in the U.S. and I hated it! It doesn’t have any flavour:( A little fat doesn’t kill us.

My snack was a slice of sourdough bread with red pepper hummus and olive pesto. Somewhere in between there were two apples consumed.

Making dinner sounded completely ridiculous and I just threw another salad together. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Weird combinations? I’m the queen of weird combos. Leftover tuna, avocado and smoked tofu made this salad. I’m just saying. Just as I swallowed my last bite, I got a text from a friend if I wanted to have a drink on a terras. Sure, why not! Lots of talking, sunbathing and drinking wine later, I was feeling much more happy:)

Once home, I had one two bowls of yoghurt, persimons, bloobs and chia. I can’t stop whenever there’s fruit, yoghurt and omegas involved.

Monday morning I had the usual.

Fruit, yoghurt, granola, flax.

Lunch was another salad with veggies, chickpeas and smoked tofu.

I had a dinner/drink date with some friends at 4 pm. I had an apple in the car, a cracker with smoked salmon, a glass of white wine for a “snack” and a whole lot of meat, fish, potatoes, bread and fruit salad for dinner. My stomach was having a hard time digesting all that food and I left with some severe cramps:(

The next morning, I had my favourite; a GIAT.

I still had some stomach cramps, but at the same time I was very hungry. My large breakfast and coffee didn’t even leave me feeling satisfied, so two hours later I ate my packed apple and Energy Bomb! bar.

My mother and I were in the car for an hour and a half to take our dogs to the vet. They needed operation! I’m definitely a city girl and hated the small village we arrived in.

For lunch I ordered a chicken salad which was way too sweet and spicy! I asked for extra cucumber and tomato to take the edge of. I asked for the dressing on the side and I’m so glad I did. I sometimes forget, but this sauce would have ruined the salad even more!

I had another cappuccino (without soy milk, ’cause they don’t serve that almost anywhere) and it left my stomach in knots. I think I might have a little dairy intoleration. 😦 The horror!

Another apple and 9 bar later (see picture above. That bar is amazing btw!) we were in the car again with three doggies high on drugs. 😉 Whahaha.

I was just in time for my 5 PM bodyshape class and It felt good to move! I didn’t partake on the following step class, as I still felt quite tired. I shlepped my body home, made a bad ass salad (I know) and sat down to watch my favourite tv show Rookie Blue.

One hour later, I was hungry again and ate a slice of raisin-nut sourdough bread with sunflower butter and I had two unpictured persimons and one perfectly ripe peach.

I felt so good to sleep for eight hours straight!

That was one long post, but now you’re up to date. I will be out tomorrow all day, but I’ll be back on Frrriday!

Happy Wednesday!


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