I’m too lazy to make dinner

9 Jul

Hey everyone!

I was seriously so exhausted yesterday that I just couldn’t munster up the energy to blog. I didn’t sleep very well and I woke up kinda dizzy. I was so confused, that I even forgot to make a picture of my breakfast before mixing it up.

Greek yoghurt, chopped pear, grapes, granola, muesli and flax seeds all mixed up. Plus my daily cappuccino.  Looks tasty, hmmmm. 😉 That’s our marble countertop on the background. That thing is ancient and those “spots” you see in the picture are not coffee stains. They belong in the marble. Just so you know….

After digesting my large breakfast, I still decided to go to the gym. My mother was already there and I thought I’d join her. Once I stepped inside, I wasn’t feeling it at all! I usually go on the elliptical or bike for cardio, because running is really hard for me. I would love to be a real good runner, but I’m battling with some serious reflux issues for the last couple of years and those act up whenever I run. The problem; I only wanted to run yesterday! And so I did. Or I tried. I ran for 25 minutes! I was so proud of myself and my body for not acting up. Well, I did have some serious stitches in my side after 25 minutes, but all in all it was a good run:) I cooled of with 5 minutes of incline walking and 10 minutes on the stepmachine. Followed with 20 minutes of weights and some half-ass sit-ups. As I said, I wasn’t feeling it.

I like feeling full after I eat, but I don’t like feeling overly stuffed. That’s what happened after lunch.

This beast was filled with spinach, veggies, leftover lentil stew, sweet potato, leftover speltberries in hummus/coriander pesto, guacamole, pepitas, pickles, raisins and white balsamic. The cappuccino afterwards put me over the edge of fullness. It as completely delicious though, that’s why I couldn’t stop eating. Holy fiber!

After running some errands and doing some computer work, it was already 5 pm. I was going to attend a BBQ, but I decided to stay home and be lazy. I was extremely tired and hunger hit at 5.30 pm. I didn’t plan anything for dinner and I was too tired to cook anything, so I started with a large dense slice of buckwheat sourdough bread with leftover lentils, coriander pesto, nooch and cucumber slices. Surprisingly good combo!

After I had more room, I ate another one with hummus, cottage cheese and more veggies.

Evening snack was greek yoghurt with banana, bloobs, nuts, chia seeds, raisins cacao nibs and lots of cinnamon.

I’m in a hurry!

Have a nice weekend!


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