Happy days

8 Jul

Goodmorning for me:)

Yesterday was one happy day:) It started with a big GIAT. (granola in a tub)

Filled with a chopped pear, muesli, granola and a soy cappuccino.

After digesting I went to my favourite stepp class. The class was a bit empty (only 6 people!), but the energy was great. I was dripping in sweat. Charming. Once class was finished, I had a very speedy 20 minute strenght training workout. I was still very sore from tuesdays, so I decided to take it easy. I rushed back home, tidied up the house a bit, showered, got dressed and ate a quick lunch before heading to the same home-department living mall I went to last week. I craved a salad beast like no other, but the add ins weren’t that great. Meh. I need to change it up a bit.

I really have to make sure to prep lots of veggies beforehand to toss in my salads, because I don’t have the patience to cook them when I’m hungry. I had another soy cappuccino after it. I needed energy!

My mom and I headed of to said mall and we (or she) bought a couch, dinner table and dining chairs for my appartment! I’m so excited. I feel very fortunate to be able to live on such a great place in the centre of Amsterdam and to get great furniture for my birthday! Best mom ever.

In between I had a delish homemade vanilla-walnut protein bar (recipe coming soon) and an Jazz apple.

After much walking and talking and deciding on what furniture to buy, we finally sealed the deal and went home. I had another quick snack of two wasa crackers with cottage cheese before heading out to dinner at 9 with a friend. My hunger was back in full force by the way. 🙂

I don’t have any pictures of my dinner, because I’m still not ready to tell about my blog and whip out my camera. Just imagine a delicious carribean pumpkin mash, with string beens, cassave chips and olive oil. And a glass of red wine of course. We sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather and great conversation. We also went to check out salsa night on another terras. Everyone was salsa dancing underneath the stars. It was quite magical. 🙂 We had a cup of tea before biking back home. We were both very tired and this was just perfect. I had another apple with PB as an evening snack.

Great day!


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