Lacking appetite

6 Jul


Today was a very unproductive day. 😦 I know I should enjoy my free time, but I’m not very good at it. I woke up late from a terrible nightmare and I was glad I wasn’t being held hostage for realz. Breakfast followed imediately, although I still didn’t really have a appetite. I only had three meals today! That’s unheard of for me! I always have some snacks in between, but I wasn’t feeling it at all. I usually stuff my face and have a serious case of bottomless pit syndrome, but I haven’t really felt hungry lately. I know my appetite usually comes back with a vengeance though, so I’m prepared. 😉

This was still a serious big bowl with; greek yoghurt, chopped nectarine, mango, bloobs, muesli, granola and flax seeds. Plus a soy cappuccino.

After some internetbrowsing, 40-minutes of cardio and a shower (blow drying my hair takes forever!) I made a salad beast. again.

This was one great salad. It contained spinach, sweet potato, roasted fennel, bell pepper, eggplant, carrots, onions, chickpeas, roasted tofu, pickles, pepitas and a great hummus/mustard/nooch dressing. Oh my, this was a creamy, dreamy creation.

After running some errands and cleaning up, I made dinner.

Grilled jumbo shrimp with curry spices cooked in coconut oil, spelt berries with coriander pesto/hummus, lentil tomato stew and veggies with olives. I lurve jumbo shrimp!

I’m off to make an evening snack. I’m thinking greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts or chocolate banana soft serve. What do you think?

FYI; I had to write up this post for the second time as it disappeared again! Once I press preview of publish, I can start all over again. Any idea how that’s possible?

See you tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Lacking appetite”

  1. Stephanie @ Aspiring July 6, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    Hi, there! I somehow stumbled across your blog and I totally love it! It looks so fresh; it’s also full of delicious & nutritious snacks that I personally love too!
    Nice to meet you!

    • foodfashionboats July 7, 2011 at 6:22 am #

      Hi Stephanie, thank you so much! I’m going to check out your blog as well:) Nice to meet you too!

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