The usual

5 Jul

Goodmorning! At least for me….

Monday was a good day. I started with my usual breakfast of yoghurt, chopped peach, bloobs, muesli, popped amaranth, flax seeds and a cappuccino.

After a little digestion, I went to the gym for my usual monday-workout. I started with 30 minutes on the elliptical and cooled off for  10 minutes on the bike. Then I made my way to the weights room to train the arms, butt and legs and I finished with abs. I hate doing  abs exersizes and I definitely have too push myself to do eat list 50 sit-ups.

My gym is in walking distance of my local supermarket and health food store, so I usually combine working out and shopping for groceries. I usually buy something every few days , instead of buying a whole lot of groceries in once. Today I bought; spinach, pickles, carrots, mango yoghurt (for mom), chickpeas, navy beans and yoghurt.

Around 12 my stomach began to grumble and I made a delicious salad of all kinds of raw veggies, pickles, goats cheese, leftover monkfish, pepita seeds, olives and balsamic dressing. On the side I had an unpictured apple and a soy cappuccino.

I wanted to fill in on my veggies, because I had a dinner tonight at a friends house that night and we were going to eat pancakes. Pancakes is a very common thing to eat for dinner in Holland. Most people eat if for dinner of lunch, instead for breakfast like Americans do. We make them very thin, like crepes, and we eat them with all kinds of toppings, roll them up and slice them into bite-sized pieces. We usually eat them with powdered sugar and syrup.


After some mucho cleaning of the house, I had cravings for a bowl of mud. Muhahaha.

Wow, this looks either like a delicious chocolate milkshake or something my dog produced. It wasn’t both of them. This was a chocolate green monster made of; frozen melon, berries, banana, Vega Shake & Go Smoothie powder- Choc-a-lot -, coconut water and spinach. Delicious!

Early evening I had two caps of sourdough bread with roasted red pepper hummus and cucumber slices.

I needed some fuel for my 1 hour tram ride. Just when I swallowed my last bite, my friend called to cancel on our dinner date. She had to work late and wasn’t going to make it. Bummer! It was a lovely evening and wasn’t feeling staying inside, so instead I joined my mother and a friend and we sat on a terras to chat and drink wine. My mothers friend had to leave at 7, so my mother and I spontaneous went on a dinner date of our own. We both didn’t feel like cooking and we went to a restaurant in our neighbourhood. We went to one of my favourite restaurants. It’s called Bolhoed and it’s a vegetarian “health food” restaurant. I had the Daily special and it had green lentils, vegetable stew, some grains, beets, sprouts, lettuce and tahine dressing and tofu with some kind of delicious dressing. My mother had the vegetable quiche and I had a few bites of that as well. Their famous for their quiche!

Clearly I hated it. 😉 They have very generous portions and because I wasn’t even remotely hungry, I didn’t think I could finish it. How little do I know myself! I definitely want to try to receate that stew and lentil dish.

And that’s a wrap people. Hope you had a fantastic 4th of July!


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