Wet dog

3 Jul

My dog fell in the water for the second time! You see, we live in a houseboat on the canal and our dogs (we have three, but one is completely blind) can sit on a ledge surrounding our boat. A few weeks ago I heard a loud plunge from the water as if someone jumped into the canals. To my suprise I saw my little overweight dog swimming vigorously to get back on our boat. I was shocked, because it’s very dangerous for such a little dog too “swim” in the canals with all the boats getting by and not being able to get to dry land. They can get tired very easily and drown. Ugh. Can’t think of that. The problem this time was that we didn’t hear anything and a large boat filled with people knocked on our window with our Bibi, our dog in their hands! They got her from the water and gave her to us. Thank god for dog loving people!

Enough talking. Let’s go to the food.

Yesterdays breakfast;

Yoghurt, mango, chopped peach, raw muesli and popped amaranth, quinoa granola and flax seeds.

Yesterdays lunch doesn’t look like much, but it was one of the greater tasting salads I had in a while.

Spinach, sugar snaps, grilled eggplant, onions, paprika and leftover couscous (w. dried fruits), tuna, olive oil, raisins and sunflower seeds. I had an unpictered apple with that.

At the BBQ I had a bit of chicken, a delicious butterfish with salad and bread. And a lot of dancing and alcohol as desert.

This morning I got up early, although I went to bed at 2 am. to head to a large flea-market.

Breakfast today was exactly the same as yesterday, lunch was two slices of sourdough bread with hummus and an apple eaten at the market. No pictures…..

Dinner speaks for itself; fish, veggies, sweet potato and goats cheese

Evening snack; greek yoghurt, chopped peach, bloobs, flax seeds and almonds

Going to walk the dogs!


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