1 Jul

I failed the test. 😦 I got up this morning at 6.30 to study some more, until my mother drove me to the exam centre at 09.45. I was extremely nervous. I’ve always had the fear of failing and this makes me nervous, stressed and very anxious. The stress builds up and up untill it gets to a boiling point. I know I make myself crazy, but I just can’t help it. I even have trembling hands, sweaty armpits and trouble breating. I tell myself to perform at the very best and anything less than perfect isn’t good enough. I’m a hopeless perfectionist. So I was very hard on myself this morning when I heard I failed the test. I know it’s not a big deal, because I can do it over again and again untill I pass, but my perfectionistic self HATED it. I seriously want to get my drivers license! Bah.

I still have to get used to making pictures of my food, so I don’t have much pictures to show you! Bad blogger…. The moment I got up I grabbed an apple, made some tea and starting studying untill my stomach started to growl for a more substantial breakfast. I strangely had a taste for a hearty breakfast, which almost never occurs. I always want something sweet in the morning! I guess my sweet apple and tea left my tastebuds satisfied. So I had two slices of very dense sourdough bread with sunflower butter and cucumber slices. Cucumber at 8.00 in the morning? Sure why not?! On the side I had my morning soy cappuccino.

Look what my view was this morning! Isn’t this freaking adorable. Living on the canals really has its perks. My mother and I LOVE the baby ducklings, swans and boats we get to enjoy everyday.

*Insert* I just wrote a very long post and once I pressed Publish, my post disapeared for the second time! UGH. How’s that even possible?! I give up. I’ll be back tomorrow. Happy weekend!



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