Fried brains

30 Jun

OMG. I can’t sit behind the computer any longer. I have my drivers theory exam tomorrow and I’m making these practice exams on the computer. They go on and on and on…. and I failed more than once šŸ˜¦ hopefully I’ll pass the test tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

I didn’t sit behind the computer all day, because I did my usual thursday morning step class. Loved it! My legs were fresh because of my unplanned rest day yesterday. I took two back to back classes on thurday evening – one bodyshape and one step class – so that was a wise decision. I don’t want to overtrain!

My breakfast was GIAT. Say what? We all know what OIAJ means and GIAT is granola in a tub. Muhaha.

This particular breakfast packed a Chopped peach, quark (some sort of greek yoghurt), maca powder, vanilla protein powder, raw muesli, popped amaranth, flax seeds and Elises granola. You really have to make this! Its delish. With my daily soy cappuccino on the side.

For lunch I had a Spinach salad with leftover grilled chicken, vegetables and couscous from last night (got so mucho leftovers), with some extra pepitas, olive oil, balsamic glaze and apple ciderĀ vinegar. On the side I had a slice of sourdough bread with homemade red pepper hummus. (recipe comming soon) And an unpictured peach.

I also downed a bottle of aquarius after lunch. I was so thirsty! I has been very hot in Holland for the last few days and I haven’t been hydrating properly. Oops. I’m actually very badĀ at drinking water. I somehow can’t seem to get it down. IĀ do drink a lot of tea,Ā but since the temperatures went up, IĀ obviously didn’t.

Have to get back to studying for my test tomorrow. Ugh. šŸ˜¦ Wish me luck!



2 Responses to “Fried brains”

  1. elise July 1, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    all those eats look fabulous! cant wait for the hummus recipe!

    • foodfashionboats July 3, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

      Thanks Elise! I have to say I’m totally addicted to your quinoa & buckwheat granola. Best granola ever!

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