Serving sizes and movement

29 Jun

That didn’t last long, did it. I couldn’t stay away!

I already have TWO faithful readers, but since I didn’t tell anyone about my blog and my two readers are mum and dad, it still doesn’t really count. I’m seeking new readers!

There are a few reasons why I started this blog. First and foremost I’m very passionate about eating real food. As a future RD student (beginning in September), I get very passionate about things other people are definitely not interested in. I can go on and on about “how great this salad is” or I get frustrated about the lack of healthy and innovative restaurants in Holland.

The funny thing is that people in Europe are generally not that obsessed with healthy living. I think that has its advantages and disadvantages. Because let’s be honest; are people in Europe fat? The answer is a big NO.

They help themselves to lots of cheese, bread and French fries (especially in Holland and France), and still they stay slim. How is that possible, you might ask?

Serving sizes and movement, people!

Serving sizes in Europe are considerably smaller in comparison with the U.S. If I order a cheese sandwich (tosti in Dutch) in a café just around the corner, I’ll get two decent sized slices of –preferably- wholegrain bread with in between a few slices of real cheese, all toasted to melty perfection. It might come with a small miniature side salad and some ketchup. And that’s it. This meal will leave you satisfied, but probably hungry in three hours prox. And that’s fine, because than you can eat another small snack. In between, Dutch people use their bikes like Americans use their cars. And if we don’t bike, we walk.

However, in the U.S. it’s a whole other story. I’m not a U.S. hater who likes to talk trash about your lovely country. NOT AT ALL. In fact, I’m a lover of America and I’m stoked to visit my dad, who loves is Irvine, California, every now and then.

I’m just mostly concerned about the serving sizes. I just got back a few months ago from a vacation to Aruba. Me and my mum stayed at an American hotel chain and we had lunch there almost every day. We were reminded that Americans don’t skimp on serving sizes. The salads were literally the size of my head (which I didn’t mind at all. I make my own salad beasts), the sandwiches were thrice the size of my normal sized sandwiches and everything came with fries. Why on earth does everything have to come with fries? Like a sandwich the size of a small truck doesn’t pack enough carbs? Unless you’re a bodybuilder or training for a marathon, it’s just too much.

I have to admit I got a little sick of all the overweight people around me eating hamburgers, fries and sandwiches. I have to add that I just finished 6 months of intense therapy for an eating disorder, so maybe I was overreacting a bit, but sometimes it drove me crazy. I really had to learn eating intuitively and not too stuff myself crazy. I will get into that subject later sometime.

Enough rambling for now. I love food and I love to share. So here’s my dinner and evening snack.

Grilled chicken breast marinated in honey/soy sauce/garlic marinade. Grilled fennel & bell pepper. Steamed green beans. Sauteed eggplant with homemade hummus and Couscous with dried fruit, pepitas, bell pepper, corn, capers, EVOO, garlic and parsley.

Nonfat greek yoghurt with nuked raspberries, frozen blueberries, flax seeds and mixed nuts.

I’m off to enjoy some quality time with my book before heading to bed. It’s 08.30 PM in Holland, so don’t think I have some weird sleep schedule. 😉

See you later!



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