Gone for awhile

28 Aug

Hey guys.

I’m dealing with some health issues at the moment:( I’ll be back soon!


Sick of my sickness

14 Aug

Hey foodlovers!

How’s your weekend going? It’s still raining cats & dogs here:( I guess that’s one of the perks of living in Holland. I had a nice and relaxing Saturday, so that means I have to get some work done today. I’m planning to sort through my winter wardrobe (that will take some time, since I have loads and loads of clothes!), clean, answer some emails, do some blogwork and I have to hit some shops. I still have to figure out how to add post with recipes and place it underneath the recipe toolbar…. Any suggestions?

Some eats;


Enter an hour of bodyshape aerobic class here.

Salad beast with raw veggies, quinoa, grilled chicken and hummus/nooch dressing.

Unpictured apple

I met up with a friend arounf 5 pm to chat and drink tea. We actually sat on a terras in the pouring rain. Don’t worry, we had something above our heads;) It wasn’t cold at all and it was wonderful to be outside.

I was really when I got home, so I threw another salad/veggie concontion together. I topped it with some smoked trout, goats cheese, olives, quinoa and balsamic. Sorry for the boring eats!

I ended dinner with a bowl of greek yoghurt, mango, strawberries, frozen bloobs and chia seeds. I also munched on some frozen grapes.

I was still really nauseaus today. I getting sick of it! No pun intended…..

Getting some work done!

Happy Sunday!

I’m a nervous wreck

13 Aug

In two weeks I’ll start my new life as a nutrition & dietetic student. And to be completely honoust with you; I’m shitting my pants. It’s a 4-year course and although I’m so so excited, it’s still nerve-wracking. I have to do so much before I start and I have a hard time sleeping because of it!

Anyway, let’s get to the food.



This tub was overflowing! I always have a larger than life breakfast, since I usually do two back to back aerobic classes and I have to have enough fuel.


Two slices of sourdough bread with nooch/cottage cheese/sundried tomato pesto and veggies on the side.

Dinner was unpictured. I went to the movies with my dad and we saw horrible bosses. It was hi-la-ri-ous! I loved it! I had a bucket of popcorn with a diet coke and for dinner we hit a salad bar and I loaded up on veggies, grilled chicken, olives and sweet potato. Just use your imagination. I also had two apples somewhere during the day.

Friday started out with a painful stomach. I had a light breakie with fruit, yoghurt, some Kashi go lean crunch and chia seeds.

I ran errands all morning and snacked on a huge banana and a huge apple. I grabbed them on the go, but it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to eat when you have a stomach ache.

All I wanted was a almond butter sandwich with cucs when I got home. An hour later I wasn’t feeling satisfied enough so I had two hardboiled eggs and 1/3 cup dry roasted edamame. I was feeling something savory and it hit the spot!

I a late dinner, but it was fabulous. I made a grilled chicken salad with veggies, supersweet mango, goat cheese, roasted sesame oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum!

For dessert I had the most delicious chocolate on earth. Three pieces of chocolove Sea Salt & almonds in dark chocolate and one piece organic milk chocolate with coconut.

I had a cup of ginger tea to sooth my stomach.

That’s it people! Have a great weekend!

Belly musings

10 Aug

Hi guys!

How’s your day going? I felt insanely crappy yesterday:( I had extreme stomach pains and I felt exhausted. I don’t want to be a Debbie downer, but lately I haven’t been feeling so well physically. I have pain everywhere and just feel blah overall. Nice way to start this post, right!? My eats were really heavy on the carbs and nut butter and I was hungry all day! Despite the stomach ache I ate a lot. Whenever I feel like crap, I turn to food. Bad, I know, but I’m only human and food makes me feel good. 🙂

I woke up like a hungry beast and had my usual breakie.

I had to go to my geanacologist in the morning (yay) and after the appointment I was hungry again. This was a measly two hours after my breakfast! So I ate an unpictured apple and a kashi bar.

When I came home I almost felt faint from hunger. I made a salad beast with veggies, 1/2 crumbled falaffel burger, lentils, pepitas and a hummus/nooch dressing. I have been adding leftover tomato sauce to the dressing and it’s really yummie!

I had some cherries as “dessert”.

That’s when the tiredness and overall crappy feeling started to set in and I ate bread and dried fruit untill I was stuffed to the brim and my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore. 😦 I even went to a bodyshape afterwards, but all that jumping around made it even worse. I went home and sipped on some ginger tea untill the pain was (almost) gone. Please note that I didn’t get the stomach ache from all that food. I ate all that food because I had a stomach ache. Weird, I know.

Sourdough bread with almond butter and cucumber x2

Bread with ab and pb with date syrup

Figs with nut butters x2

I also had a handfull of unpictured raw almonds.

I got hungry by 9 and made another salad beast. Same as lunch:)

Today was much simpler.



Sourdough bread with cottage cheese, sundried tomato pesto, nooch and veggies. Apple on the side.


Veggies on a bed of spinach with quinoa, lentils, nooch sauce and grilled chicken.

Hungry for my evening snack!


Same old, same old

9 Aug

Something I noticed is that my meals all look so much alike. My breakfasts are always the same, my lunch is either en sandwich with raw veggies or a salad and dinner is usually something like a salad (again) or random ingredients thrown together. Maybe I should make an effort to eat something special and different for the blog?!. The thing is; I go through fases of wanting to eat the same everyday untill I can’t look at it anymore and start that cycle again. Are you ready to watch my food cycle?

Sunday breakfast

Yoghurt, strawberries, muesli, granola, flax. Soy cappuccino on the side.


Two slices of soudough raisin-nut bread with cottage cheese, smoked salmon and veggies.


Strawberry-vanilla smoothie

I had a date with a friend (a female friend, not a cute guy unfortunately;)) to eat the best apple pie in town. That place happens to be in my neighbourhood. The café who serves that famous apple pie is called Winkel 43 and it’s really the BEST apple pie I’ve ever tasted. My friend never had this apple pie before and she’s a foodie like me, so I had to take her to this place. We shared one apple pie with whipped cream (which is also to die for) and I had two glasses of peppermint tea. We were moaning out loud. She loved it! I didn’t take a picture, but this is exactly what it looks like.

I can’t handle sugar that well and I was feeling a little shaky when I got home. I wasn’t particularly hungry, but I felt I needed to eat something. It was dinnertime so I just decided to make a salad with baked tofu, chickpeas, veggies, sundried tomatoes and topped it with dry roasted edamame and balsamic.

Isn’t that weird? I just had an apple pie and I was eating a salad beast one hour later. Sugar intoleration much?

I guess I just was a hungry beast that day, because I proceeded to eat greek yoghurt with fruit with more dry roasted edamame (trust me, it works) and two handfulls of roasted almonds and more edamame. I was feeling snacky!

I finished it all with a bowl of cherries. I finally felt full.

Monday started out with the same breakfast as usual. I was feeling nauseaus again! Blegh.

Once my appetite returned and I wasn’t really nauseaus anymore, I had a salad with veggies, baked tofu and hummus/nooch/mustard dressing. I adore that dressing!

I was really tired that day. I think all that running around from last week finally caught up with me.

I had an apple as a snack and an early dinner of quinoa, lentils, veggies, baked tofu, sundried tomato pesto and another nooch concontion. Nooch/hummus/water/mustard/tomato paste.

Looks horrible, tastes amazing. 🙂

My evening snack consisted of greek yogurt, chopped pear, frozen bloobs, walnuts, chia seeds and more cherries.

That’s it for today!

Hope you have some lovely weather from where you’re living, because it’s raining buckets over here:(

The time of my life

7 Aug

The Gay Pride was amazing! I had so much fun! I got up around 8 o clock and started my day with a filling breakfast.

I had an apple and a banana as a midmorning snack, to tied me over till lunch and I hoped it would make my nauseasness dissapear. Unfortunately it didn’t completely:(

Me and my friend wore some crazy outfits (I’m on the right) and we were the only ones dressed to the extreme! LOL. Most of the women wore leggings, t-shirts, white jeans and sneakers. At least we made an entrance! The dress code was puple/white and thank god everyone came in those colours.

I made sure to bring a lot of filling foods with me. I had two slices of dense raisin/nut sourdough bread, 2 bars, an apple and a baggie with walnuts/apricots. I had a little too much to drink, though. 😉 I stopped counting at drink number 5, but let’s just say I got off the boat with a throbbing head.

The only annoying part of it all was that we had to wait 3(!) hours, in heels, dancing, untill we started boating! I don’t have a lot of patience, so I was really put to test. When we finally arrived at the Prinsengracht, the beginning of the parade, the crouds broke lose! There were thousands and thousands of people cheering us on and although I’m not gay, it was so amazing! I would do it over in a heartbeat!

Can you spot me? I’m behind my friend wearing sunglasses and a feather boat.

When the parade was finished my family picked me up with our own little boat and we went back home. I was exhausted and my feet were burning like cra-zy! Wearing heels was the stuppidest thing ever!

I had an apple before we went home, I threw a tuna-chickpea salad together, ate it and went to bed at 9. I know, I know…. But I was exhausted.

Such a fun day! I hope you had a wonderful Saturday ass well….

My plans for today are going to the dog park, the Sunday market and I have a date with a friend this afternoon. We’re meeting up at a place with the best apple pie in town. Oh, and relaxing is on the agenda as well;)

Happy Sunday!

I’m not gay, but I like it anyways

5 Aug

Hey guys!

Sorry for going MIA on you! I have been busy doing fun things:) It’s my holiday after all! Most of my eats have been unpictured, since I ate out a lot and I’m not ready to whip out my camera in front of my everyone. I’m still nauseas, but it comes and goes. Here are some of my documented eats.


Not much of a suprise, eh?



Many bowls of walnuts and apricots. Best combo ever!


And many many more…..

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Gay pride! Every year around the beginning of August, there’s a Gay pride canal parade in Amsterdam. It’s so much fun and usually I just watch the gay parade with a bunch of friends on the sidelines. But this year I will be on one of the boats in the parade! I was invited and I couldn’t turn it down. I’m as straight as can be, but I’ll be on a boat full with lesbiennes! LOL. I hope they won’t hit on me;)

And the fun continues…..